Every holy day in the Bible is either compared or contrasted to Shabbes.  Each week we gratefully receive this precious gift of created by God for us; for our good.

We kick things off Friday with our family dinner (which Rebecca begins earlier in the day) and continue through Saturday with Bible study, prayer, games and yummy foods.  We set aside all the cares and concerns of common life and immerse ourselves in the presence of God.  Saturday night after sundown we all part ways and return to normal every day life.

We know that this can be somewhat disturbing for some of our Christian friends and yes even a few family members.  But we have found that the Christian writings depict adherents honoring the L-RD’s Sabbath.  We have also found that these same writings support the Jewish practice of gathering on the first day of the week for extended study and fellowship.

This is not “our Sabbath” time but rather the L-RD’s Sabbath.  How do we know this?  Well it’s simple really.  The Hebrew root of Sabbath is 7th.  Since ancient times the 7th day has always been recognized as Saturday; even modern Spanish demonstrates this by calling Saturday Sábado.

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