Saying Good Bye

Growing up my family always said See you later whenever we parted ways; rarely did we ever hear Good Bye. In fact about the only time we did was around a New Year; and then it was not said to people but rather to ideas or experiences.

As a child I thought this was really rather stupid; why not just enjoy the good things and forget the rest?

But then I grew up. I started experiencing life with all of the good and the not so good. I started collecting my hopes, relationships, ideas and of course my own set of what if’s. It was not until I was caught in a perfect storm of what if’s that I reflected on this odd family habit of saying Good Bye to ideas and experiences.

I realized they were really saying Good Bye to their self imposed boundaries and limitations – what I call what if’s. They were choosing to cling to their successes and refusing to be defined by their failures. They were safely tucking all the great and wonderful from that year into their hearts for the years to come.

May your 2011 be filled with all the great and wonderful from 2010 and years past.

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