That which is hateful to you – do not do to another.

We have been looking at the life concept: “That which is hateful to you do not do to another.”.  This has also been said in other ways and called the “Golden Rule”  Applying this to our daily lives is more challenging than it appears.

Some interesting observations have been made:

Post offices are never open on Sunday.
What is a person to do if he or she is unable to leave their Monday – Friday job to pick up a signature required letter at their local post office?  If the post office is able to open on Saturday why not Sunday?  They could open Saturday one week and Sunday the next – if we were truly trying to be tolerant of all faiths in America.  Better yet why not just shut down for Saturday and Sunday; December 25, 2010 proved that the world would not come to a grinding halt if mail was not delivered on Saturday.

Government offices are never open on Sunday although many are open 1 or 2 Saturdays a month.
Government offices began opening 1 or 2 Saturdays a month to accommodate those who were not able to leave work Monday – Friday.  Are Shomer Shabbes Americans supposed to go without this same consideration?  Does this mean we should have a decreased tax burden to compensate us for the lost access?

The majority of community or non-profit organizations hosting “weekend” events are held on Saturday; some will carry over to Sunday but the main speaker or vote is done on Saturday.
This is one that sadly has even found its way into the broader Jewish community; with board meetings held on Shabbes at the congregation.  How many of us belong to a community group that we truly love and support but have not ability to hold office because the votes are held on Shabbes?  Or perhaps the votes are not held on Shabbes but the public fundraisers are always on Shabbes and thus we would not be able to perform our duties of office without compromising Torah?

When thinking about this what have you noticed?  What have you been able to overcome?

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